Eromanga Sensei

eromangaHoly Toledo. I heard that this show was the most depraved kind of TRASH out there but dear god is it entertaining as all get out. I love the hell out of this anime reviewer, Gigguk.( ) and he hasn’t been able to stop screaming accolades for this AI studios show. The way he talks about it was what I found so fascinating though. He seems to be writhing in his love of Eromanga Sensei, as if he knows that enjoying a show like this clearly says something about you, you must ALSO be trash to like this kind of horrible, perverted garbage. Talking about it just cements that smell of warm rotting trash that you’re beginning to exude from even thinking about it.

Here’s the plot. A young high schooler, who is also a published light novel author, has been collaborating unknowingly with his shut-in 12-year-old sister. His adorable and sexually curious baby sister is actually the famous Eromanga Sensei, a professional artist who draws lewd art for light novels. What ensues are stories about how they draw inspiration from each other and the other adorable girls around them to write more erotic fiction and art.

Anybody who loves to write or draw, if they aren’t completely skeeved out by this, will get a fresh inspiration energy drink from this show. The characters are passionate and driven to become the best at their craft and their styles influence each other in a way that really resonates with me personally as an artist.  The main heroine runs into little art blocks from time to time and finds a nice creative boost to push on when she encounters cute friends who have that right aesthetic that she needs to draw from to propel her art. The show also gives you a sense of what it’s like working collaboratively with other creative minds, which is an invaluable part of

Working collaboratively is so important as a creative individual. For me, the ultimate inspiration is being partnered up with a great writer who’s work pushes you to capture the excitement and incredible appeal of their writing somehow through your art. In this way, I feel like Eromanga Sensei really illustrates that feeling of inspiration you can pull from whenever you’re struggling with art blocks.

I’m only 6 episodes in but I had to write something about it. I get really excited about shows that capture the lives of artists and writers.

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